SEOU conducts taxation services, financial advisory services, outsourcing services, accounting and assurance services.

Taxation Service

Among the factors that have a significant impact on a company's cash flow is a tax-related issue, and the establishment of a proactive tax strategy has a significant impact on the company's growth and stability of management. To meet these customers' needs, SEOU provides tax services that identify major tax problems arising from business activities in advance and provide effective tax plans and optimal alternatives.

01 Tax Advisory Services

Establishment of Tax Saving Plan

Tax advice on the establishment, reorganization and restructuring of the company (business transfer, asset transfer, merger/division)

Tax due diligence related to mergers and acquisitions

Advice on measures to minimize the capital assignment profits  tax

02 Tax Audit/Inspection support Services

Tax health check-up service to mitigate the risks

Tax Audit/Inspection  on the spot support

03 International Tax & Transfer Pricing Services

TP tax Audit/Inspection support

Advice on Applicable domestic tax laws and relevant tax treaty(DTA)

Application of DTA(Double  Taxation Agreement) exemption notification to the local tax office and relevant tax filing Service

04 Tax return  Filing and reporting  Services

Preparation or review of Corporate tax, Transefer Pricing tax, Value added tax, foreign contractor tax, personal income tax year-end finalization and periodical tax return filing

Financial advisory Service

Through our practical approach and experience in rapidly changing global markets, we intend to contribute to our customers' successful transactions based on comprehensive advice from planning of transaction structures to the closing of them, including real estate financial advice, potential sale/ purchase company investigation, corporate valuation, and funding structuring advice.

01 Real Estate Financial Advisory Services(Real Estate transaction)

Feasibility study, financing advice and arrangement for real estate projects

Due diligence and valuation for real estate projects

Deal structure advice for the real estate development and investment

02 M&A

Consultation services for the Merger & acquisition of a target company(due diligence and valuation of target company, negotiation of terms and Coditions of the Share Purchase Agreement)

03 Due Diligence

Due diligence on Assets and liabilities, Historical Performances, and EBITTA Value assessment

Tax due diligence and business structure of the target

04 Valuation

Company and equity valuation

Calculation of merger ratio,

Preparation of PPA(Purchase Price Allocation) Report

05 Company establishment advisory

Consultation for the establishment of a foreign invested company

Outsourcing Service

Outsourcing of taxation, accounting and human resources in SEOU can provide various synergy such as cost reduction, flexible operation of organization and personnel, and can help the company survive and grow.

01 Tax and Financial Outsourcing Services

Perform bookkeeping/tax filing service

Agency services for Chief Accountant under the Vietnam Accounting Act

Capital contribution confirmation and head office reporting/consolidation package service

02 HR Services

Payroll services, including a Tax reporting from payroll calculation

SHUI calculations and filing to the government

Employee and Retiree Management(the settlement of SHUI and severance pay)

Preparation of the company’s internal Labor regulations both for the internal purpose and for the external one for the Vietnamese government;

Preparation or review of Labor contracts

Accounting and Assurance

Because financial statements affect the decisions of many stakeholders of both inside and outside the enterprise, accurate and transparent management performance and financial position disclosures are required. By applying an objective and reliable acounting services, SEOU will make up reliable financial statements. To aim this goal we are doing our best to thoroughly analyze the industry, identify the risk factors of the company and reflect them in our practices.

01 Special purpose accounting

Operational study and Fraud Investigation

Make up a financial statements on mergers, divisions and liquidation

Accounting for other special purposes

02 Management consultation

Verification and due diligence of financial statements for the purpose of internal compliance and management consulting

03 Accounting according to K-IFRS

K-IFRS-based Group Reporting Package  review and preparation is required to prepare consolidated financial statements of the parent company in RoK

Impairment Assessment Report on Assets based on K-IFRS

04 Certificate of the parent company's capital contribution

Accreditation of investment capital for the issuance of capital investment certificates subject to post-management in accordance with the Foreign Exchange Transactions Regulations in Korea

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